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Robot Kitties EVERYWHERE!!!

Today, I have already read Robot Kitties by Jim Benton fourteen times to my son. Why have we read the same book fourteen times today? My son just keeps bringing me Robot Kitties and requesting that we read it again and again. It seemed logical to review Robot Kitties.


Robot Kitties is a short board book that is perfect for the busy toddler on the go. Another great perk of this book is how durable the pages are. There are no flaps that can be torn off. Also the cardboard is quite thick and holds up well against teething toddlers.

This book is incredibly short. Robot Kitties is only sixteen pages long. The pages only have two to four words per page making this an incredibly quick book to read. In fact, two of the pages do not have any words. You can easily read this book in two to three minutes with your little one.

The Illustrations

Robot Kitties contains simplistic cartoon illustrations of robot kitties. The robot kitties are featured doing a wide variety of activities such as flying and scuba diving deep in the ocean. The cartoon illustrations use simple, bold colors. The illustrations are playful and effective at bringing character to a simple storyline. Overall, the illustrations are highly effective at grabbing the attention of a toddler.

The Story

This book takes your toddler on a simplistic yet whimsical journey. The book has short sentences that bring to life the various adventures of different robot kitties. These robot kitties do everything from fly to scuba dive.

If I had any critique it would be that the book does not have much of a plot. It is essentially just a series of short sentences and illustrations that describe robot kitties doing different activities. I think the extremely basic storyline is perfect, however, for its intended audience of babies and toddlers.


If you are looking for a delightful, short new book to read with your busy toddler, I highly recommend Jim Benton’s Robot Kitties. If you have an Ollie’s near you, you can even pick this book up for under $2! Happy reading!



I am a mom to one awesome baby boy and I also have two amazing stepdaughters who are 6 and 8 years old. I have set out to instill a love of reading, travel, and art in my kiddos.

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